To train and develop women of virtue who are excellent in all their ways, being    instructed out of the law (word) of God.

Mission statement

  • To promote and provide Christian fellowship among women

  • To build up women full of faith in Christ and love towards one another

  • To encourage and build up women of prayer – 1 Thessalonians 5 vs. 17

  • To extend our hands to the poor – Proverbs 31 vs. 20

  • To encourage, counsel and support women in their business, career, and finances

  • To train women to minister to and care for themselves, their husband, children, and family


  • Prayer meeting with fasting every 3rd Saturday of the month. Follow by general meeting on Sunday to discuss matters arising and to plan other activities

  • Prayer is the cornerstone for success in our walk with God. Therefore, we set up a prayer line conference call on  6178293105 every Monday 9pm-9:30pm

  • Celebrate women’s week of the Redeemed Christian Church of God – usually Mother’s Day weekend with seminal and dinner (could be any activity)

  • Organize seminars and workshop on women and family two times a year (every six months)

  • Organize women retreat to reminiscence and spend some time in the presence of God in studying the word and pray without any distraction (this gave birth to lock-in which takes place in the fall)

  • Organize outreach lending hand to the poor in our community by donating things line blanket, food/groceries and money

  • Organize picnic in the summer and Christmas party as a form of outreach in the community and body of Christ in need

  • Organize fund raising activity like bake sale, car wash, can drive, etc.